Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing to Boost Your Overall Strategy

Harness the power of your built-in ambassadors Word-of-mouth marketing can get everybody talking about your brand.​

Brand Control

Reap the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing, all while keeping the control of the message in your hands. Put your stamp on your brand stories and track their performance.

Add your logo to all the videos in your Power Story. When individual videos are shared on other platforms, your videos will remain branded.

Grab your viewers’ attention before they even press play. Upload custom images to use as thumbnails on every video story. 

Give your audience a branded experience from end-to-end by sending customized email notifications. 

Create customized permission waivers that are specific to your campaign, building trust and security in your brand. 

Powerful analytics tools allow you to work smarter. Track views per video, the geographic location of your Power Story audience, and the duration each video is being viewed.

While a Power Story is collaborative by nature, you can curate your campaign and maintain a consistent voice by removing off-brand video content.

Create a Video Campaign on a Budget

Don’t max out your entire budget. Collect stories remotely as an alternative or complement to producing high-production videos on location.

Our embeddable player means you can distribute any videos you want on your website, social media, or via text message.

Video testimonials are an affordable and effective way to convert prospects into customers.

Save time while still amplifying your campaign. Develop far-reaching social media content that can be shared to multiple platforms and websites simultaneously.

Shoot, edit, and distribute your own content with a few button clicks.

Authentic engagement

Nobody can speak for your brand more authentically than your actual customers. Allow their words to do some marketing heavy lifting.

User-generated content is the unfiltered and uncensored opinion of real people – people just like your audience.

Video Q&As can be used in conjunction with other video content you put together, like webinars, virtual teach-ins, and panel discussions.

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