Amplify Your Voice

Get more from your marketing by leveraging user-generated content to tell new audiences about your business

Videos With Reach

Reach your clients, wherever they are. B2B or B2C, we’ve all got a story to tell:


Embed your video on your website, or share it to any marketing platform, so you can reach your customers, no matter how they interact with you.


Share more information about your business and Power Story campaign within the viewing experience


Use social proof to sell your product with stories from real customers


Turn prospects into clients with powerful video testimonials from existing clients explaining why they love your product or service


Find new ways to administer surveys and get feedback from customers and prospects


Find new ways to work together with your team or clients by creating a Power Story together.

A New Way to Share Results

Create and share documentation and reports that show instead of tell.
Use Power Story to create video documentation for training, best practices, new hire onboarding, and much more.
Solicit, curate, and share stories from your clients on your website and social media. Use them in email marketing campaigns, or post them on internal resource platforms.

A More Authentic Story. A Fraction of the Price.

Create effective video campaigns without breaking the bank


Easy to Use

No editing skills required – anyone can upload short videos directly to the Power Story player.



Distribute and amplify your content on multiple marketing channels simultaneously.



Shoot, edit, and distribute real stories in a few clicks.

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