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Storytelling, an art form as old as time, now built for the digital age. This is Power Story.

Power Story uses technology to empower brands, causes, and creatives to tell their stories in authentic, sharable ways. It’s easy to solicit content, custom-brand videos, and embed and share your stories across different platforms.
Take full control of your narrative, with custom invite tools, editorial control over content, and simple, highly amplifiable sharing tools.

ACLU of Georgia: #ThisWomanVotes

Last November, more women voted than ever before. The ACLU of Georgia used Power Story to highlight and amplify the personal stories of women across the country, inspiring countless women to get out and vote.

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Whether you’re a marketer growing your community, a creative looking to share ideas, a business seeking feedback, or a non-profit starting a movement, Power Story is for you.


Authentic testimonials from real customers
Experiential user generated content
Targeted messaging for your audience


Inspiring stories that drive action
Debates that ignite conversation
Experiences, documented collaboratively


Step-by-step tutorials
Personal surveys for customers and prospects
Progress reports that show instead of tell


Stories that build movements and campaigns
Video petitions that demand social justice
Fundraisers and testimonials to boost your cause

The Power Story Difference

Power Story is the only platform designed to boost your message with collaborative video. We bring people together, and empower brands and causes to tell authentic stories.
We designed Power Story to be easy to use – it’s simple to curate and share videos, can be used on virtually any social media platform or website, and gives you full control over content.
Create your message once, share it anywhere, and watch your movement grow.

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