Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Spark authentic brand conversations with a technology driven approach to word-of-mouth marketing.

Your Brand.

Your Conversation.

It’s word-of-mouth marketing, but not as you know it. Solicit videos from your community and create a powerful story together. You’ll retain editorial control to select the best submissions, and can custom-brand your videos.


Brand your Power Stories with your logo. No matter where your story is told, your logo will always be right there


Drive engagement with custom thumbnails to grab your audience’s attention before they even press play


Create an end-to-end branded experience with custom emails


Build trust and ensure security with custom permission waivers unique to the needs of your business


Track performance with a real-time analytics dashboard that keeps you up to date on all your key performance metrics


Drive brand authenticity by curating your campaigns and removing off-brand video content

A More Authentic Story.
A Fraction of the Price.

Producing marketing videos is expensive and time-consuming. Instead, use Power Story to create unique video testimonials. Our embeddable player makes it easy to distribute videos from real customers across any marketing channel. It’s affordable, efficient, and fast


Leverage free video content from your most loyal customers, not expensive production companies


Distribute and amplify your content on multiple marketing channels simultaneously


Shoot, edit, and distribute real stories in a few clicks.

Real People.
Real Engagement.

Nobody is a better spokesperson for your brand than your most loyal customers. Harness the power of their loyalty to drive engagement, highlight your brand, and reach new audiences:


User Generated Content

Create special relationships with your top customers to create unique marketing content that cuts through the noise


Unlimited Options

Use Power Story together with your other video content, like webinars, panel discussions, and Q&A’s, to create unique content that sets your brand apart


Stories That Sell

Speak to your audience with people like them, and uncover real use cases and actionable product insights

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