Amplify the voice of your small business

Take your budget and resources farther by leveraging user-generated content to increase the reach of your small business. 

Videos with reach

Reach your client anywhere.

Share videos wherever your customers watch. Embed videos to your business’ website, or publish on multiple platforms.
Share links and information about your business and your Power Story campaign within the viewing experience.


Build social proof and collaboration with video tools.

Testimonials do the heavy lifting of converting prospects into clients.

Get video feedback or surveys from customers or prospects.

Collaborate with your team or clients by encouraging participation in creating a Power Story. 

Show Results

Create documentation and progress reports that show instead of tell.

Create video documentation for training, best practices, services, etc.

Collect and share user videos on your website, social media platforms, emails, and internal meetings.

Easy-to-use, Budget-Friendly Video

You don’t need to break the bank to create effective video campaigns.

No editing skills required. Upload short videos directly to the player.
Add crucial details like links to your website or social media profile and a description of the Power Story using the info button.
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