Creativity meets authenticity

The Future is Curation

Share what you love in a visually compelling format.

Use the video player to archive and document the things you authentically love in a visual gallery/playlist.
Is there anything worse than sitting through a long-winded tutorial just to get to the part you need to hear? Upload a custom image to use as the thumbnails on every video story so that viewers have an opening image to preview before pressing play.
Use dashboard settings to arrange the order in which you want the videos to play to tell the story your way.
User-generated content is the unfiltered and uncensored word of real people, but if it gets too real, the content creator has the controls to block unhelpful content. Use dashboard settings for effortless community management.
The :05-:60 second time limit on videos keeps audiences engaged and focused on the best part of your story. To be brief, short-form video is good for creativity.
When Power Stories are shared, the contributor or Power Story creator decides what video is viewed first. The entire message can come from a friend or from a complete stranger. Power Stories are the words from many mouths.

Engagement and Collaboration

Encourage fun by inviting others to take part in your creative endeavours.

Invite your audience to upload/add their own videos to your story and create Power Stories driven by the whole community. For examples, you can invite your entire family and friends to upload birthday messages to a birthday story. 
No need to build a new following. You can share the Power Story on multiple platforms, so now your Twitter following or your WhatsApp group is your Power Story audience.
The videos with the most upvotes play first on the player, which keeps stories fresh and  fun to watch.

Capture Video Question and Answers to be used in tandem with how-to videos or other educational videos

Easy to use

We’ve eliminated the struggle of learning a new platform by keeping Power Story user-friendly.

Add captions to your Power Story

No editing skills required. Upload your how-to videos in digestible segments that give your audience control over what parts they want to watch and what parts they can skip. 

Add crucial details like links to your website or social media profile and a description of the Power Story in the info button
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